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How Companies are Partnering with Instant Teams for Military Impact Sourcing

At Instant Teams, we’re using impact sourcing to directly support the military community. 

Per Outsource Accelerator, impact sourcing is “an employment model focused on providing opportunities for the marginalized people in the services sector.” 

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Military spouses are often overlooked in the hiring process due to frequent moves and gaps in employment. Many military bases are in remote locations, making it even more difficult to find roles in a specific career field. 

At Instant Teams, our solution solves a real business problem for customers while also driving an immediate, direct impact for the military community. Instant Teams has provided thousands of remote job opportunities and improved the financial well-being of military spouses and veteran families with millions of dollars of dual-earner income.

 And we’re thrilled to announce that we’re a finalist for the 2023 OA Outsourcing Impact Awards.

Remarkable customer experiences

As remote-first experts since 2016, we’ve mastered the art of remote hiring, training, deploying, and managing teams at scale.

We deploy support where your business needs it, whether you need customer service, operational, sales, or technical support. Instant Teams employees are based out of 48 states and 5 countries, allowing for 24/7 customer support.

When companies work with us, they get immediate access to our highly skilled, highly diverse workforce – and are directly supporting the military community. We like to think of it as “military impact sourcing.”

A marketplace on a mission

As a mission-driven company, we are committed to supporting and employing military spouses – the “force behind the force.” 

Instant Teams is leading the way in impact sourcing by offering stable employment to military spouses. We’re tapping into a skilled – yet underutilized – workforce while providing our clients with highly skilled candidates and remarkable cx support. 

Contact us here to learn more about how Instant Teams can help your business.

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