Top Takeaways from Military Spouse CEO at Exclusive Bunker Labs Fly-In

Instant Teams’ CEO Liza Rodewald was recently in NYC for the JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bunker Labs’ CEOcircle and the kick-off “fly-in” event.

CEOcircle is an exec-level accountability group for veteran and military spouse CEOs with businesses in a growth stage. Liza, as founder and CEO of Instant Teams, was selected to be a part of the 2023-2024 cohort. 

Over the course of the year, these selected CEOs attend virtual huddles and in-person forums, facilitating peer learning and expert insights for scaling businesses. The program emphasizes goal-oriented progress, growth tactics, and provides access to the JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking network.

“CEOcircle is a fantastic group for military-connected founders,” says Liza. “The access to top leaders, resources, and networking opportunities are incredible. I’m excited to connect with other founders within the program and can’t wait to see where we’re able to drive Instant Teams and Twelve Million Plus in 2024.”

It’s a unique space for military-connected entrepreneurs to connect with top leaders in their respective fields and receive tailored, actionable advice to drive the growth of their businesses that span across the tech, government contracting, healthcare, public services, retail, consumer goods, and restaurant industries. 

Cohort members (grouped into call sign teams, of course!) prioritize building connections and attend exclusive events that feature talks from prominent business leaders. 

The Power of Community

December’s “fly-in” highlighted the power of collaboration and intention, which has been a strong thread of success for Instant Teams since our launch in 2016. In order to truly improve military spouse unemployment rates and impact the financial stability of military families it’ll continue to require a united effort from all of us.

In connection with the launch of Instant Teams’ exclusive military spouse community platform this past year, we brought together other military spouse founders to be front and center of hiring opportunities in Twelve Million Plus. Two of these companies are also a part of the 2024 CEOCircle cohort. While in NYC, Liza ran into two of our Twelve Million Plus Super 10 partners, Gabriela Q. Bell of Organized Q and Laura Early, CEO of WISE Advise + Assist Team

As demands of military life continue to present unique challenges for individuals and families in both personal and professional pursuits, it’s critically important that intentional communities – like CEOcircle and Twelve Million Plus – prioritize accountability, collaboration, and opportunity.

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